Brasserie de Boshut
Brasserie De Boshut
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Brasserie de Boshut

Our own range of speciality beers on draught, exclusively available in our Brasserie

Horse riding and carriage ridingĀ 

Both in and around National Park De Meinweg you will find several routes for horse and carriage riding. Over 150 kilometres of horse trails featuring 2-way signage, all conveniently laid out on a map for you to pick up at Bezoekerscentrum De Meinweg (or download here). 
Making use of the unique location these trails will occasionally cross the Dutch-German border and allow you to explore not just De Meinweg but also the area surrounding the National Park (Be aware: when in Germany you are mandated to use a ‘Reitkennzeichen’, which you can acquire at the local German council). 

But if you do not wish to traverse across national borders, there truly is no need. National Park De Meinweg on its own allows for an impressive amount of possibilities. The 1.600 Hectares of National Park De Meinweg can be explored through the winding horse trails, allowing you to experience many kinds of natural environment, from fens to creeks to heaths. The change in elevation to be found in De Meinweg can be an additional challenge to make your horse riding that much more exciting. Leave your car and trailer behind at our parking area and discover our gorgeous natural environment. 

At Brasserie De Boshut/ Bezoekerscentrum De Meinweg you can temporarily leave your horse whilst you take a seat in our Brasserie. Water for the horse(s) will of course be provided. 

Overnight stay with your horse 
If you wish to stay the night with your equine companion, we recommend the excellent KASTEEL DAELENBROECK. You can leave your horse in one of the luxurious stables and enjoy the comfort and luxury on offer at KASTEEL DAELENBROECK.