Brasserie de Boshut
Brasserie De Boshut
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Brasserie de Boshut

Our own range of speciality beers on draught, exclusively available in our Brasserie

Visitors centre / National Park De Meinweg 

Tourist information (VVV) point De Meinweg / National Park De Meinweg 

The highly sustainable building is the starting point of many activities, hiking and cycling trails, horse riding routes or the start of your excursion at National Park De Meinweg. De Meinweg is a(n) unique terrace landscape with heath and grasslands, streams, pools and vast forests spread over more than 1600 hectares. Information on the many possibilities and routes can be found at the visitors centre, the VVV information desk or on the subpages above. 

Throughout the year several fun, educational and interesting activities are organised by Staatsbosbeheer. If you would like an overview and/or join an activity, go to the activity page of Staatsbosbeheer. 

Further at Brasserie De Boshut you will find our ‘Speelbos’, an extensive playground fitted with a water focused playground and a section reserved for climbing through the trees. 

A perfect playground for children from 4 until 12 years old. There are various possibilities to take a guided tour at the National Park de Meinweg. Every week several excursions are organised but it is also possible to book a Meinweg guide with your own group. There are guided nature activities possible for the disabled. 

More information about excursions or a guided tour can be asked for via Staatsbosbeheer telephone number 0475-528500 during office hours. 
From the Roerdal to National Park De Meinweg and the surrounding forests, the green surroundings can hardly be avoided. But there are a lot of other things to explore. To make sure you can make the most of your stay, at the top of this page you will find a selection of places which you must have seen. These are places where you can discover nature or culture or just relax or to shop.